Did you enjoy last week’s post on the Fortune is in the Follow Through? It took me a long time to realize that myself. Don’t worry if you haven’t achieved that yet. You will after this post. We are going to go over a simple yet effective 7-step strategy system that will help you stay completely in touch with your clients. So, get ready.

Last week we spoke about the scary statistics on follow up and how many people don’t follow up at all. So basically, these people are wasting their time going to networking events and meeting people if they don’t ever follow up. Well over the past 12 years I have built a system that has proven to not only follow up with your prospects but also get results.

Step 1 – Networking

Yes, networking is step one, how else are you going to meet these people to follow up. This is an important step. Make sure you are using the tools you learned in Networking on Purpose so that you will be networking effectively and authentically.

Step 2 – CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. You want to get a good CRM system to use that can help you keep track of all these people you have met. Everyone uses different ones depending on your business needs and wants. Some basic things to remember are that you need to be able to keep track of names, emails, addresses, birthdays, and even where you meet people. This will help you stay better connected.

Step 3 – Follow up by standing out

By this, I mean everyone calls, or sends out a generic email, right? I love sending them a physical card in the mail. I use this amazing system called Send Out Cards, where you can create a personalized card that they then stuff, stamp, and mail for you. You can get more information at www.tinatorres.info.

Step 4 – Engaging on social media

Once contacts are in your CRM system and you’ve done some follow up that stands out, you will want to start following them on social media. By this I mean, friend them on Facebook, follow them on twitter, follow them on Instagram, connect with them on LinkedIn, etc. The social media platforms you use daily are the ones you want to engage with them on. You are going to actually engage with them, interact with them, like their pictures, ask them engaging questions, comment on their posts etc. That will allow you to start to build a relationship with them beyond your networking. To build that KLT (Know Like Trust) factor we talked about last week.

Step 5 – Create a compelling and authentic email follow up series

Okay, so you have networked to get contacts, set up your CRM system, done stand out follow up, and engaged with them on social media. But you aren’t going to stop there. Now it is time to build the Trust factor by creating a compelling and authentic email series that you can send. These emails can include monthly newsletters, tips related to what you do, and other helpful information.

Most people don’t open or even read their emails but your name will come across their minds as they are deleting. Also, if your email has compelling subject lines, it will entice them to open it. And if the subject speaks to them you will build the trust factor even more.

Step 6 – Schedule a “Get to Know You” meeting

This can be either virtual or in person. You can meet for lunch or coffee somewhere. Or you can meet for coffee over the phone. This is a chance to get know more about one another. Ask them authentic questions like:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What do you like best about your business or company?
  • Do you have kids, are you married?

Questions like this will continue to build that KLT factor. You may even start to realize that you have a lot in common with one another. Even if there may not be business there he/she will want to refer you to others they know just because they like you.

Step 7 – Create “Top of Heart” awareness throughout the year

This is probably one of my most favorite steps because most people do NOT do this at all. However, if you start you will love the results and want to continue.

  • Send them 7 physical cards per year (Happy New Year, Happy Spring, Birthday, Happy Fall, Christmas, and then 2 business related cards)
  • Customer appreciation FB groups
  • Customer appreciation days at your store or place of business (if this applies)
  • You can even run contests on FB (to get shares, or likes on your business page)
  • Create weekly blog content that goes out to your entire data base

These types of things may not be for everyone but you pick and chose a few that you can do. You want to keep that “top of heart” awareness at least once a week. However, stepping out the box and standing out from all the rest will help you get noticed more.

Work on starting your own personalized follow-up plan either on your own or with a little help. I am always available through Facebook or my website.

By: Tina Torres, CEO, The Gratitude Specialist