Are you wanting to start having Gratitude in your life.

Whether in your personal life or your business having Gratitude for just the little things will bring greatness into you.

Start today using our 30 days of Gratitude Challenge. Simply go here and get signed up.

Each morning right after I wake up is when I like to do mine. Ask God to put someone on your heart to send a card to. You can also use Social Media to help you along. When you see people posting about needing prayer, or are just going through some things. You never know what people are going through and you never know how much a heartfelt card means to those people.

Log in to your account and start writing your heartfelt message. After your first week you will start seeing things happen in your life. You are now sending positivity out to the world and when you do that positivity will start to come back to you.

Do this every day for 30 days and see what happens. See how you feel after the 30 days is over, see what God has brought into your life after you have sent 30 cards to 30 different people. But most importantly see how many texts, phone calls and even cards back that you get back. You will be amazed on the outcome. It is simply amazing on the kind of great feedback I get daily after people take the challenge.

Want to know about the Gratitude Challenge? Contact us today!