That saying was always one of my favorites, seeing that fall is my favorite season. The cooler weather, jeans, cute boots, scarves, bonfires, and most of all the beautiful fall décor. Some say I may be a little obsessive on decorating for each holiday but it makes me happy to know my home is full of all the things I love during each holiday.

I decorate and (some say) even over decorate for fall, Halloween, and Christmas. Putting out the fall leaves, the beautiful pumpkins, the smell of apples and cinnamon throughout my home, chili in the crock pot and the leaves falling outside.

Here are some of my favorite things to do during the fall season that bring gratitude alive in my life:

  • Make chili
  • Take a walk through the mountains
  • Make s’mores
  • Bake pumpkin bread
  • Go to corn maze
  • Take the older kids to a haunted house
  • Take a drive through the country and see all the fall foliage
  • Open the windows on your day off and stay in your pajamas all day
  • Drink apple cider
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Visit the pumpkin patch
  • Make and eat caramel apples
  • Go to a football game
  • Attend a fall festival
  • Host a bonfire
  • and of course, my most fave… drink a pumpkin spice latte or a few!

I hope you find ways to enjoy the fall time as much as I do. Use your time wisely to recharge by spending time with the family and friends for whom you are grateful.

I know that the holiday season also brings some of the not so happiest moments. Even I don’t feel extremely happy during the entire holiday season. But I believe you must make the best of it, right? Take advantage of those things that make you the happiest during this time. Do the things you want to do. And guess what you should do with the things you don’t want to do, DON’T DO THEM! Let it go because you know you cannot do everything so why not cut out the stuff you don’t like doing. And leave the stuff you do.

As we start the fall season, just know it is a great time to release and breathe. Have gratitude for the weather, your friends, and your family. And most of all have gratitude for yourself and what you bring to the new season.

By: Tina Torres, CEO, The Gratitude Specialist