Have you ever been in a situation where everything is going wrong, you are in a bad storm of your life and you feel as if you will NEVER get out?

“Will this ever end?”

“Why me?”

According to Brian Tracy author of Eat that Frog:

“Negative emotions are the single biggest enemy that any of us have.”

As we go through life experiencing negative things, or going through those hard times we often think as if we will never get through it. We think this is going to last forever and it feels like it is lasting forever. Then once we are out of the storm and the rainbow appears it is as if it never happened almost. We look back and sometimes say, “Wow, it wasn’t that bad!”

We learn so much going through these hard times and these negative emotions that we in turn find that one positive thing that we got out of it. We learn how to be stronger, how to get up again and again, how to become who we are today!

Recently I did a webinar about creating positive thinking and turning the negative outcomes in life into positive ones. As I went through the call asking each participant to tell me what is one thing they will always remember as a positive outcome, they each told me about a negative experience that turned into a positive one. It amazed me each time another one spoke as to the new negative experience that they after time turned into a positive. I was so blessed to hear all these women go one by one telling their story, we laughed, we cried, and we learned that however bad the storm, the circumstance, the negative situation, you are in you can turn that into a positive. It just may take a little time.

So perhaps you are going through a rough time right now, or you have hit that wall so many times you think what next? I challenge you to start focusing in on the positive side of things, take responsibility no matter how little or how big it was and learn how to react in a different way. Learn to see the brighter side of things, learn to see the positive outcome and you in turn will start turning those negative feelings and emotions into positive experiences.