Each and every Monday you see so many posts on social media about how many people hate Mondays. It is kind of sad when you think of it, people who hate Mondays are usually people who hate their job. As an entrepreneur, you must have a passion for what you are doing. Otherwise, why would you jump off the cliff into entrepreneurship? You must love what you are doing to truly be able to do it not just right but to be extraordinary at it!

Many entrepreneurs must balance this amazing passion they have with the job that they can’t leave quite yet because it pays the bills. And that is perfectly fine. Remember that the everyday job you have is doing more than just paying the bills. It is providing you with the fuel to do what you dream of doing. So even though for now you must work your job to pay the bills focus more on what you are working towards not working at. Build your passion so that you can build your fortune. In time, you will be able to quit that job that doesn’t provide you with joy but until then you can still love Mondays. Because every Monday is a step closer to your dream coming true.

Here are a few things you can do to start enjoying Mondays more.

  • Recharge your battery. Don’t use weekends as an excuse to stay up late. Instead use them as a time to recharge yourself. Get some much need rest. Sleep in if you can. This is your chance to enjoy the weekend for what it is. Relaxation at its finest. Go outside and relax on your patio, enjoy a cup of coffee on your porch, relax poolside, or take a nice walk with your family.
  • Take a breath. Find a quiet time of day to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of ice tea. Make some time for you to be alone with your thoughts. This pause can really help you focus and create a calm frame of mind for all those busy days in the week ahead.
  • Get a jump start. Do a few things you usually do Monday mornings the night before. Many people refuse to do this but many swear by it. If you take a few moments to do things like lay out your clothes, make lunches, put gas in your car you will shave precious minutes off your morning routine. You will start Monday already ahead of the game making Monday start off a bit smoother. And don’t stop with Sunday. Give this a try during the week too. The mornings will get easier and easier.
  • Keep Mondays clear. Try not to schedule meetings on Monday if you can help it. And if you have to meet on Monday make it in the afternoon. Remember that if you follow the steps in Amy’s post 3 Friday Steps to Make Next Week Amazing, you already have a game plan for Monday morning. By scheduling meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday you have Monday to get going on your week. Think how great you will feel if by lunchtime on Monday you have already made progress towards your goals for the week. In addition, you will have better focus during meetings later in the week because you won’t be hung up on all the things you have to do.
  • Eat a good breakfast. How many of us have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well whether that is true or not breakfast can provide you with the fuel your body and brain need to get going. So, choose something healthy that will provide you with the energy to get your day going. Don’t start your day with junk food or fast food on the way to work.
  • Follow your Healthy Thoughts Program. In my post Get Your MIND Right By Creating Your Own Healthy Thoughts Program, I talked about creating Positive Proclamations. Mondays are a great day to make sure you are going through your Positive Proclamations. Avoid the negativity and soon you will see that keeping a positive attitude will not only help your Mondays be better but it will change your life for the better as well.
  • Put the POWER of Gratitude to work. In my post, The POWER of Gratitude, we talked about how a few simple steps can bring joy to your life. The weekend is a great time to put that POWER to work for you. Send some cards, create a date night with your spouse or bestie to show them how thankful you are for them. Passing on your positivity to others will do wonders for your own outlook as you start the week.
  • Have a plan. Creating a schedule that you can become accustomed to will help not only your Mondays go by smoothly but improve your overall week.

Doing just a few of these things should get you on the road to loving Mondays. So, what will you do today to start enjoying your Mondays? And along the way you just might fuel your passion and find yourself enjoying your Mondays, Tuesdays or whatever day it is no matter what because you simply set your mind to it.

By: Tina Torres, CEO, The Gratitude Specialist for the Blog at AMI LC