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In addition to running a successful business, Tina Torres is also committed to helping others flourish and grow their own entrepreneurial dreams. As such, she is very active in the female entrepreneur community. Below, you can see some of her work in the media and community, including inspiring press clippings and podcasts. You can even purchase “The Voice that Changed Everything,” the collaborative book, that shares stories of inspiration, and determination.

“As an entrepreneur, having gratitude in your life will bring you
more business and help you ‘work smarter, not harder’.”

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The Gratitude Journal
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The art of appreciating your way to better health, wealth and lifestyle.

Using this inspirational journal will transform your thinking, thereby transforming your life. You will find the actual exercise of expressing gratitude, morning and evening, while reflecting on the powerful prompts included, will move you closer and closer daily to the goals and dreams you have set for yourself.



“Doing Business With Gratitude,” A Podcast with Rochele Lawson

People in business always want to know how they can stand out and make a lasting impression with those that they want to do business with. Did you know that it takes 7 to 12 contacts with prospects to actually have them do business with you? Did you know that you can shorten that time frame and get people clamoring to do business with you by doing a few simple things that make you stand out from the crowd. Check out what Tina Torres has to say about getting business to come to you in what she calls ‘Doing Business with Gratitude.” By incorporating just one of her time tested secrets, you will up level your business game and have people clamoring to do business with you instead of you having to chase them around. Stop chasing the business and let the business come to you with Gratitude.


An Interview with Marie Fratoni of Get Clients Everywhere

“The WPDN provides an environment to collaborate, inspire, promote and support one another through monthly networking events, educational programs, and online communities which foster the growth and development of the professional woman.”

View more information for WPDN at GETCLIENTSEVERYWHERE.COM

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“Turn Knowledge to Profit,”
A Podcast with Johnell & Michael McCauley

“Turn Knowledge to Profits” is where entrepreneurs find the insights, ideas and tools to earn more, make a bigger impact and create the freedom to live a life others only dream about. In the first segment of this podcast, I’m talking about how you can leverage partnerships to grow your business. I have built mine by using partnerships to extend my reach and expand the services I provide to clients.

“The Power of Gratitude: From Depression to Purpose”
She is Extraordinary! Podcast

“The Atalanta Woman”

Pointing Entrepreneurs Toward Success

The Atalanta Woman is a digital magazine that is published bi-monthly, pointing female entrepreneurs towards success in all aspects of business. Experts from all industries come together, sharing their successes, failures and tips with the intention of helping women increase their profitability throughout their business journeys.

May 2017 – The Atalanta Woman
“The Power of Gratitude,” by Tina Torres
The article outlines the importance of regularly showing appreciation and how gratitude “open[s] the door to abundance.”


September 2017 – The Atalanta Woman
“Networking on Purpose,” by Tina Torres
The article tackles different ways to effectively network, and explains how networking appropriately can help “take your business to the next level.”


“The Voice that Changed Everything”, A Book of Gratitude

Tina Torres has collaborated with 20 other people to get a glimpse of how one person, one event, or even one sentence can change someones life forever.

Get your copy of “The Voice that Changed Everything”, a book of gratitude today and read the stories of inspiration, and determination.


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“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a package and not giving it.”
-William Arthur Ward