Wow! Is it June already? Well June is almost over now. Boy does time fly when you are having fun right?

So even though Summer is here, that doesn’t mean you get to slack off with your business! Still get up at the “normal” time and get some work done before the kiddos get up, write that blog post from the pool while watching the boys say, “Hey Mom, Look” for the millionth time. Follow up with those customers while driving to grandmas house in the car. If you are great at multitasking that is.

You don’t want Summer to go by and you say “Oh No, I haven’t done nothing to build my business” Then the Fall comes and you have no new business, you have no shows on the books and you have no customers waiting for new products.

Here are a few tips to stay focused this Summer:

  • Get up early each morning so you can get some work done
  • Multitasking is your friend right now
  • Do money making activities first so if you get distracted you know at least you have done that
  • Tell the kids, “Mommy has to work so next week we can go here” that way it will give some time to call those customers, do a quick show, or write that blog
  • Don’t forget to network at your normal events, you many not be able to attend all of them but you can still try to make at least 2 per month. So you can stay in contact with them throughout the Summer and they don’t forget who you are
  • Social Media is your friend, posting more on social media will help continue to grow your following even if you cant make it to events. Plus they will like seeing fun social posts of what you are doing with the family.

So still enjoy your Summer but don’t forget to still work your business.

With Gratitude, Tina